Saranac Lake Middle School Library
Our library has a huge selection and variety of reading, listening and viewing materials for check out.  

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Art & Graphic Design in the Library

Period 2, Quarter 4
What Makes the Design a Success? - Padlet

Period 3, Quarter 4
What Makes the Design a Success? - Padlet 


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 Links for Your Creative Side                                                                                                        

Word Cloud Generator for Chrome ~ pictures and poetry come together here ~ a simple, streamlined, presentation tool ~ make flashcards and quiz yourself! ~ make a free 30 second music video ~ it's a virtual cork board for your ideas



Month of February: Mystery

Month of March: Modern day & Based on Actual Events

                          Middle School Library Media Center                                                        Mission Statement

The Saranac Lake Library Media Center exists to support and enrich the curricula as well as the lives of our students, faculty and staff. Our collection of materials, available in a variety of formats, aims to encourage independent reading and learning, foster a healthy respect for information, and nurture a love of literature. In collaboration with classroom teachers our programs equip students with the skills to search for, evaluate, and use information efficiently and effectively throughout their lives.

Library Hours
Monday - Friday
7:20am to 3:25pm
Library Staff
Jill Kennedy, school librarian
JoAnn Latourelle, library aide

phone: 897-1658