Team Cascade


On the calendar below, you'll find daily assignments, upcoming projects and assessments for all 6th grade core classes.

 Individual teacher pages, online supplemental resources, and Team Cascade curriculum and policies are all located below the calendar.

Craving MORE practice?  
Click on any of the sites below to sharpen your 6th grade skills. 

NewsELA:  Read current event articles at your level and respond to multiple choice and/or extended response questions.  Login using your Google account.
Khan Academy:  Polish those math skills with mini-lessons and practice exercises.  Login using your Google account.
Flocabulary:  Focus on activities, games and flash cards related to your assigned E.L.A. words or stretch yourself and explore other lists. Login using your Google account.
Lizard Point Geography:  Locate countries, cities, and physical features on a variety of maps.  Check out links to world leaders, flags, and more.  Become a master typist!  Join for free or play without a membership.  Lessons include short tutorial videos, followed by practice exercises.

Check out 6th grade curriculum, expectations, and policies HERE