Team Whiteface

Welcome to the Team Whiteface Weekly News

Science 7 students have been reading current events in "Today's Science". Topics include animals, the environment, medicine, prosthetic research, space, wildlife and more! Students will create a padlet in class next week based on their article and present their findings to the class.

Social Studies students have completed their first Document Based Question essay.

Math students have answered more than 95,000 questions doing IXL practice. We are currently studying decimal numbers, fractions and percents.  We are working on converting decimal numbers to fractions and fractions to decimal numbers.  In addition, we are working on multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimal numbers.

Students' understanding of positive and negative numbers have improved greatly, but there are still real life situations where students are challenged by the concept of going negative. 

Please help your child in math by talking about and explaining the real-world use of percents, fractions, decimal numbers and negative and positive numbers at home.

ELA happenings are detailed in Mr. Carlisto's Blog. Click the link below for more details.

Be sure to ask our daily activities in class.

Mr. Smith----ELA 7 and Lit Appreciation
Mrs. Jones---Social Studies
Mr. Carlisto---English/AIS ELA
Mrs. Leahy---Science

Mrs. Sheft---Health

Ms. Varano - Resource/ELA/Math

Mrs. Kicinski --- Math

Mrs. Nicholas-ELA