Team Whiteface

Welcome to the Team Whiteface News Page

7th grade is a chance for students to grow and become more independent in their academic studies.  We recognize that students will face many challenges throughout the year including managing class assignments, organizing class materials and resources, managing time for sports, academics and family, and interacting with peers both in and outside the classroom.

We are here to support your student, helping to provide a safe learning environment for everyone. Please feel free to contact any team member for additional support.

Please use the links below to access classroom web pages.  

Be sure to ask your child about our daily activities in our classrooms to keep informed and aware of the events that occur at school.

Mr. Smith----ELA 7 and Lit Appreciation
Mr. Stevenson---Social Studies
Mr. Lienau---Science

Mrs. Sheft---Health
Mrs. Kicinski --- Math

Mrs. Whalen---French/ELA/Humanities

7th Grade Humanities Block

Mrs. Grant-- Learning Specialist/Humanities/Resource Room